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We offer our guests all-natural luxury and take them back to the original beauty of the Baltic Sea.

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Vorderfront und Eingang des Strandhotel Fischlands
Vorderfront und Eingang des Strandhotel Fischlands


Our aim is to accompany people on their journey to themselves with a holistic programs. Everyone is free to choose their own path and pace, and the holistic programs is correspondingly wide-ranging. The location is perfect. With nature whose unspoiled nature allows energy to flow. With an exciting world of sport and a cornucopia of wellbeing and beauty treatments to recharge your batteries.
A profound overall experience that calms and moves you at the same time. It lies in the nature of the encounters with this place of power, in the vibration of the whole and above all in the many host personalities. The white beach, the light, the colours, the sea, the dunes, the forest, the stars in the sky and in the kitchen. We are sustainable because we use nature intensively and experience it every day. We call this a holistic hideaway.

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A holiday or short trip to the Baltic Sea in the off-season is a real enrichment. The fascinating winter face of the sea on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula is particularly captivating? In “really fresh” temperatures, ice floes form, slide over and under each other, the sea presses against them with all its might, strange formations break up and create a spectacular landscape. For more than 100 years, the Baltic Sea’s spa and bathing industry has been using ionising air from the surf zone as a preventative measure. Or have the cranes already arrived? Every year, up to 70,000 cranes come by to rest. A breathtaking natural spectacle. And while you’re travelling, everything is very close together here: beach, dune, coastal forest, Bodden and on the Darß-Fischland-Zingst headland you will find many small island villages.

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The health of our guests and employees is our top priority. In times of Corona, we have invested in the latest hygiene and safety standards and are constantly intensifying our measures. Our rooms & suites, bars and restaurants, lounges, sports, pool and spa areas are subject to our strict hygiene policy, which all our employees follow carefully and receive regular intensive training. We disinfect all possible contact points several times a day and pay meticulous attention to thorough cleaning and disinfection. We also think about the environment and try to minimise our energy consumption as well as paper and plastic waste. But we don’t want you to be burdened by this either: you can enjoy the usual warm and personalised service without any worries.

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The hotel was built in 1968 as a guest house for members of the GDR government and international state guests. There were 3 master suites, 18 flats and 5 single rooms available for around 60 guests. After the end of the “Baltic Sea Week” series of events, it was used as a showcase guest house for the Council of Ministers from 1973. This was followed by the renovation with a private investment volume of 30 million DM and the Strandhotel Fischland was opened on 15 July 1995. Only the curved spiral staircase in the foyer has survived over the years – our Cinderella staircase.
The combination of flats and houses with the service and comfort of a hotel set the trend for the further development of the entire holiday world. The common goal was for every guest to find their own space for an individual holiday and to be able to use the hotel’s entire infrastructure with restaurants, pool, spa and sports facilities. If a holiday on the Baltic Sea feels like a break in the Mediterranean, then you have landed at the truly family-friendly Strandhotel Fischland on the Darß.

Owner-managed to this day, continuous investment was and is the basis for the success of the hotel, which is certified as a four-star superior hotel. Over the past decades, lasting values have been created and reliable jobs have been created for currently 240 employees. Hotelier and entrepreneur Eckehard Adams and his team also take responsibility for consistently sustainable and environmentally friendly development. The long-term plans for the future will continue to ensure economic, ecological and social stability in the region.

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A lot has happened on Fischland in recent decades and yet this part of the Baltic Sea is nowhere near as developed as the North Sea coast. The nature of the peninsula has remained unspoiled, the people and places are authentic.



The white sandy Baltic Sea beach and the iodised sea air ensure the best, relaxing sea climate. A long walk on the beach is worthwhile at any time of year and in almost any weather. Our Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula is surrounded by unspoiled nature and the most beautiful excursion destinations, idyllically situated between the Baltic Sea and the Bodden. The Vorpommersche-Boddenlandschaft National Park borders directly to the north of Fischland.

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From here you can easily reach the most beautiful excursion destinations in the region. Visit the nearby Baltic seaside resorts of Wustrow, Ahrenshoop, Prerow and Zingst. The Hanseatic cities of Stralsund, Rostock and Wismar are also within easy reach. Unspoiled nature, art, culture, architecture, a visit to the museum – we will be happy to help you plan your excursion.



Discover our peninsula on an extensive cycle tour. We will be happy to advise you and give you insider tips. At our reception you can obtain information on cycle routes, cycle maps and departure times for the island buses with cycle trailers at any time. From the end of April to the beginning of October, there are also passenger boats with bicycle transport across the Bodden waters. Your discovery tour can begin with high-quality hire bikes or e-bikes in almost all sizes. Our team at the hotel’s own bike hire centre looks forward to welcoming you.

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Along the beaches, on the Bodden, in the coastal forest or by the river, through the salt grass meadows or the Ribnitz moor. Enjoy nature up close with an extended hike or a leisurely stroll.


In the beach riding season from October to April, there is nothing better than a ride on the beach. Whether you are an experienced rider and want to ride for a few hours on the beach or through our forests or want to learn to ride, you will find the right offer with us and our partners FREI WIE DER WIND directly in Dierhagen and the Bernsteinreiter stud farm in Hirschburg.

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We are delighted that you are interested in staying at our hotel and would be happy to make you a non-binding offer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone.

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